The Odyssey

The mythical tales of the Greek gods of ancient times are, by their very definition, epic, heroic and magical. Translating them into a one-man show is, on the face of it, a fools errand. How do you depict storms at sea, enchanting creatures of the deep and sorcerous sirens on an almost bare stage with just a scrap of cloth as a costume? The answer is to enrol the talents of Rabbit Theatre, aka Simon Harvey and David Mynne. This genius pair have a track record for producing hugely entertaining one-man shows which tour endlessly and The Odyssey is yet another sure fire winner.
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Grey Line
IT would be hard to imagine a more atmospheric setting than the new village hall at Kimmeridge for the first night of Dave Mynne’s Artrsreach tour of The Odyssey.

Mynne (famous for his one-man shows, including Great Expectations and Dracula, and as a founder member of Cornwall’s Kneehigh Theatre) has based his new show partly on Homer’s epic poem, The Iliad, the 10 year war between the Greeks and the Trojans, but mainly on The Odyssey, the epic of the hero Odysseus and his long absence from his island kingdom of Ithaka – 10 years fighting the Trojan war and 10 years of adventures, mishaps, monsters and seduction sirens to find his way home...
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Grey Line
Following his previous highly successful one man shows, Dave Mynne has pushed his comfort zone even further in tackling Homer’s Odyssey.

Dracula and Great Expectations were stories involving characters that resonated with audiences, we had a sense of knowing what to expect from both shows, but faced with a Greek epic that some of us only vaguely recall from school? How would the performance work if we don’t recognise the characters or the story itself? Would we feel inferior to our fellow audience members who might be better informed than us?

All worries were quickly forgotten the moment Dave Mynne stepped onto the stage quashing any initial doubts as he launched into his hilarious retelling of the classic tale...
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