The Odyssey

Based (very loosely!) on the epic poem by Homer

"Utterly compelling & laugh-out-loud funny"

"Inspired, epic lunacy! A proper treat for all"

"This is Play School for grown ups"

From the makers of ‘Great Expectations’ and ‘Dracula’ comes a tale more exciting than excitement itself: The ODYSSEY. The journey of all journeys. To Hell. And back again. Gods, Monsters, Sirens, Derring-Dos and Derring-Don'ts!
A love story that lasts decades. It’s Greek stuff... with all the boring bits removed!

A host of exciting (and daft) characters - including a one-eyed Cyclops, Circe the sexy sorceress and the terrifying Sea God Poseidon - will conjure up a mighty storm and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Beware the dreaded siren, of the sea:

Taste my fishy kisses.
Delicious, fishy kisses.
They taste of trout...
...with my pilchardy pout.
Taste my fishy kisses!

Suitable for adults and older children (12+)

Directed by Simon Harvey
Performed by David Mynne
Written and devised by Simon Harvey / David Mynne
Poetry by Anna Maria Murphy

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